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What types of 3D animation are there?

3D animation types include: character rendering, architectural preview, product rendering, commercial shorts, medical rendering, logo and industrial rendering. We will explain their usage and put you in contact with experts.

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1. 3D animation of characters

This type of animation focuses on bringing three-dimensional characters to life. It is used in animation, video games and television productions to create facial expressions, realistic movements of the body and complex actions.

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2. Architectural 3D visualization

It serves to visually depict three-dimensional architectural designs. It lets you create virtual tours of buildings and spaces, showing details like lighting, materials and distribution of indoor spaces.

3D architectural visualization of park. by Torusbrand

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Product Advertisement. by Torusbrand


3. 3D product animation

It is used to visualize products in three dimensions, highlighting their characteristics and functionalities. It is commonly used in the industry of advertising, technology, games, some examples are shoes, balls, goalkeeper gloves, headphones, laptop, cell phones, etc.

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3d advertising screen. by Torusbrand


4.- Short ads for 3d advertising

Short ads for 3D advertising are used to promote products, services, or brands in an engaging and visually striking manner. These ads are typically created using technology and are presented in brief formats such as short videos or motion graphics that capture the viewer’s attention.

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5.-3D Medical animation

Three-dimensional models of organs, tissues, and body systems are recreated in this animation type. It aids education and medical outreach, enhancing understanding of the human body.

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3d animation video. by Torusbrand


5.-3D special effects

It is used in the creation of impressive and realistic visual effects in films and audiovisual productions. It can include explosions, fire, particles, fluid simulation, among others.

6.- Industrial 3D animation

It is used to visualize processes and operations in industry, such as the production of machinery, assembly of products, or simulations of complex systems. Helps identify potential problems and optimize industrial processes.

3d animation explainer video. by Torusbrand


These are just a few examples of the different types of 3D animation that exist. Each one has its own specific characteristics and applications, adapting to the needs of different industries and projects.

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