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what is 3D animation?

3D animation is a technique for creating three-dimensional moving images that uses specialized software to generate virtual objects, characters, and environments. Through the manipulation of digital models, textures, lighting and movement, scenes that seem real or fantastic are brought to life, creating a visually stunning experience.


Product render for Ms1 Sport Pro. by Torusbrand


3D animation has become a fundamental tool in various industries, such as film, video games, advertising, and architecture. Its versatility allows you to tell stories, present products and visualize designs in a dynamic and attractive way.

what is needed to make 3d animated?


The process of creating a 3D animation involves several stages. In the first place, a planning is carried out, where the concepts are defined and a storyboard is created.

3D Modeling

Then, the three-dimensional models are created, which are digital representations of the objects and characters that will appear in the animation. These models are designed with precise details and textures are applied to give them realism.

modeling, texturing and microscope rendering

Product render for Ms1 Sport Pro. by Torusbrand

modeling, texturing and rendering of a red goalkeeper glove

Product render for Ms1 Sport Pro. by Torusbrand



Lighting is another crucial aspect in 3D animation. Artists configure light sources, shadows, and reflections to achieve compelling and dramatic visual effects. A technique called “rendering” is also applied to convert the models into final images, using complex calculations that simulate the behavior of light.

Post Production

Finally, post-production is done, where colors are adjusted, special effects are added, music is incorporated, and sound is synchronized with the animation. This phase is key to creating a complete and immersive experience.

In short, 3D animation is a powerful technique that uses specialized software to create three-dimensional moving images. Through a process that involves modeling, animation, lighting and post-production, it is possible to generate impressive and captivating scenes. Its versatility and application across various industries make it an invaluable tool for storytelling, product promotion, and design visualization.

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